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18 Photos Of Children Who Look IDENTICAL To Their Parents At The Same Age.

When you take a look at family photos there are always some resemblance that you can pick out among family members. Some are more definitive than others. Sometimes there is no resemblance at all and it makes you wonder how the people are even related.

In some cases, however, the genes and DNA perform amazing results. When a father looks exactly like his son or a mother and daughter look like twins, it’s amazing to see how much they look like each other.

You’ll see some great examples today of those that are following in the same footsteps as their parents, almost literally in some cases. When you can look at a photo of a father in 1977 and then a picture of his son in 2013 in virtually the same pose, and they look like twins, it’s amazing and it will definitely get your attention.

You will also see today pictures of a mother and daughter that were taken 34 years apart at the same location. It’s completely amazing the similarities and they look like the same person. It’s fun to look at pictures that show the good work that DNA can do in a family and today you’ll see some results that you won’t believe.

#1. Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Grace Moss look like they could be sisters.

#2. This is amazing. On the top you see a boy and his father at 29 years old. On the bottom you see that boy grown up, at 29 years old with his own boy.

#3. Here you see a father on the left in 1978 and the son on the right in 2013.

#4. You can definitely see the resemblance between Reese Witherspoon (right) and her daughter Ava.

#5. Here is a mother and daughter visiting Stonehenge 34 years apart from each other. The mom is on the top at age 26 with the daughter on the bottom at age 23.

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