By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

This Paralyzed Dog Was Told He’d Never Walk Again, Fortunately He Doesn’t Speak English.

Kenny is a sweet 10-year-old Doberman who was severely injured in a freak accident. A metal door was accidentally dropped on his neck, paralyzing his spine and leaving him unable to use his legs. The doctors who saw Kenny believed he'd never walk again and suggested putting him down. But that didn't stop the team at Two Hands Four Paws canine rehab center, nor did it stop Kenny from pushing onward.

They worked hard to keep Kenny's legs strong, until one day he lost his ability to urinate, which meant that Kenny was very close to death. Luckily the founder of Bill Foundation, Annie Hart, heard about Kenny and helped raise $6,000 for his MRI and surgery. Three weeks after his surgery, he caught pneumonia and had to be rushed to the hospital. McMahon was worried Kenny's legs wouldn't respond to treatment after so much time being inactive.

Once McMahon's team got Kenny back into physical therapy, they went into "crisis mode." They had 4 people in a pool at the same time, each moving one of his legs to mimic the movements of walking. Even with 25 hours of physical therapy per day, McMahon was losing hope that the dog would recover. Then, the miracle they were all waiting for happened— Kenny showed signs that he'd walk again, and from that point on, he made his way to a full recovery.

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