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23 Signs She’s Not Into You… If You Notice #7 It’s Time To Move On.

When you are in love with someone it is very difficult to know if the feeling is mutual. Falling in love can sometimes mean that things are seen through a pair of rose colour glasses. Behaviour and body language is sometimes confused with something completely different.

You can only lie to yourself only for so long. If the woman you are with does not come out and is honest about how she feels about you then it’s time to look at the signs. She may be sticking around because she does not know how to end the relationship. There is also the fear of being alone or feeling confident and fulfilled by all the attention being given to her.

Nonetheless, you have to think about your feelings and your well-being first and foremost. Here are some signs that will tell you is she cares about you.

#1. Does she like being touched by you? Does she find a reason to pull away?

She does not need to be the clingy type to show affection. Pulling away or appearing annoyed at all the physical contact is a huge red flag. Physical intimacy is part of a healthy relationship.

#2. She downplays who you are in her life.

When she introduces you to others she refers to you as just a friend. If you have already brought up this concern and she keeps doing it, then she is telling you she does not see you as her romantic partner.

#3. She rules the relationship like a dictator.

She does not know the meaning of "compromise." Everything is done her way or she blows up and calls you selfish. She won't end a discussion or argument until you do what she says.

She rules the relationship like a dictator.

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#4. Her calendar is too busy to pencil you in.

Neither you nor her should give up seeing your friends and do the things that make you happy. The problem is that she is not willing to adjust her schedule to make time for the two of you. No one is ever too busy to stop spending time together.

Her calendar is too busy to pencil you in.


#5. You end up feeling alone and defeated. And she doesn't even notice.

How much love and affection are you really getting? Taking care of all her needs and making sure she is happy leaves you exhausted and unhappy. It's time to reassess your priorities.

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