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25 Funny Photos Of Dogs Who Were Tricked Into Having A Bath.

Although dogs do love to drink water, a lot of them don't enjoy being IN water as much. Some dogs are better at baths than others. If you're lucky you'll have a dog who remains calm and let's you drown his fur in water and soap and probably just gives your those sad eyes the whole time. If you're even luckier, you might even have a dog who actually enjoys getting baths.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, other dogs aren't so compliant. But what else can we do? Although everyone washes their dog in different schedules (whether it be weekly, monthly, or even yearly), there will inevitably be a time when the dog is too dirty to not wash. And in those times we can't help to smile at just how different all these dogs look when wet from head to toe.

Here's a few pics of all kinds of dogs before and after a bath. Some are even unrecognizable from the before shot!

#1. Pomeranians are definitely one of those dog breeds that'll be almost unrecognizable when wet.

That's because they have so much fur!

#2. Oh no, where did his ears go?!

This went from chic to shabby in just a few seconds.

#3. This dog somehow manages to be shagadelic in both before and after a bath.

Of course one side is just a tad more fab.

This dog somehow manages to be shagadelic in both before and after a bath.

Serenah Hodson

#4. This one managed to have the same exact facial expression both before and after.

What are you feeling little bud?

#5. This little guy doesn't look so tough after all.

But of course that doesn't stop him from you giving you that stank eye.

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