By Haris

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch Her Stoic Reaction As Puppy Tries Valiantly To Reclaim His Bed.

Just like siblings, this cat and dog are having a bit of a squabble. Pixel is an adorable 10-week-old French bulldog, who just wants his bed back. But the kitty doesn't seem to care one bit. She doesn't even budge and seems to be amused by the little dog's frustration. The little puppy is shown in the video barking and tugging at his bed in hopes of reclaiming his stolen property. Even though the bulldog is smaller, he is determined and manages to drag the bed and the cat around the floor. It's hilariously cute.

I hope these two sort out their differences, but I get the feeling Pixel will have to deal with this for awhile until he grows a little bigger.

Source: Rumble Viral