Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Blind Dog Found A Forever Home And We Couldn't Be Happier For Him.

Fortunately for Bear, there was a hero waiting for him right around the corner.

One of the staff members at the hospital was touched by Bear's story, so she told her daughter Katie about him. It was clear that they only had one option.

Katie and her mother decided to “open our hearts and home to the poor soul.”

That's all it took for Bear to have his life completely turned around. Thanks to Katie and her mother, Bear is now “the happiest sweetest pup”! But they weren't out of the clear just yet.

It wasn't long before Katie would realize that it's not exactly easy to raise an animal with special needs.

“At first his blindness caused issues. For example, he wouldn’t walk unless he was between someone’s legs, he was terrified of cars, and new environments were hard for him. But with patience and understanding, those obstacles were overcome and he runs through life with glowing confidence,” explained Katie.

You see, it just goes to show that an animal can recover from abuse as long as they have loving people around them.

And Katie and her mom were most certainly capable of showing Bear the love that he deserved. Katie and Bear's relationship wasn't exactly a one-way street, either. Bear helped Katie out, too!

Bear was lucky enough to find a family that care for him so much, but Katie is lucky to have Bear, as well.

“Whenever I’m feeling down or more panicked than usual he will sit on top of me, lick my face, and do anything in his power to lighten my world. It can be so hard when you have a dog with issues, but I swear it gets so much better and it is always worth it," said Katie

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