By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Big Dog Finds A Shed FULL Of Baby Ducks, Now Watch What He Does At 1:18.

Parental responsibility is serious business, although being tasked with looking after 207 little ones, one may likely have a nervous breakdown. No sweat for Dug the dog and his 207 one-day-old ducklings.

Exhibiting nerves of steel and having ice water in his veins, he accepts the job valiantly. Ok, maybe the last bit is exaggerated as Dug looks pretty relaxed with his new friends, it is impressive never-the-less to see the canine sitting so calmly and comfortably despite the chaotic cuteness before him. At one point, Dug even decides he’s got the job under control and lies down to relax and take a break. It will be interesting to see Dug lead the charge if tasked with taking the 207 ducklings to the pond for their first swim.

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Source: 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub