By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Is How You Can Tell If Your Dog Enjoys Watching Commercials.

Admit it: When that little puppy returns home at the end of the new Budweiser commercial, your heart sang with joy and tears streamed down your face. Maybe you even grabbed a Bud to soothe your pain.

Khaleesi the Bulldog understands.

According to her owner, any time the commercial comes on, Khaleesi makes a beeline for the television set. She remains fully engaged in the saga of her fellow canine, and even visibly rejoices at the end.

Perhaps it's the swelling music, the motion that the TV-pup makes when it runs, or maybe Khaleesi just wants a beer: Whatever the cause, we're just happy that Khaleesi feels so moved by the commercial - now we don't feel so bad about sniffling into our king cans.

Source: Elvis and Khaleesi