Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Choosing Between Dogs And People Is A No-Brainer… According To Science.

We've all known that dogs offer great companionship and are loyal to bits. Dogs are incredibly empathetic beings, who listen to your rants, comfort you when they notice you're feeling down, and will never have a "day off" that would leave you wondering just what the heck did you do wrong. They wear their emotions on their furry sleeves, and that makes it easier for us to connect with them, and know when our pups are feeling down. Now there's empirical evidence that proves dogs are far better company than actual humans.

25% of pet owners suspects their family prefers their pet.

It's not like mom, Uncle Steve, or your wife is going to leave you outside anytime soon, while Fido sleeps on your bed. Recently, the nation's largest network of per sitters and dog walkers (, polled their pet parents and discovered a lot of impawsibly cute data. Turns out, dogs are far better company than our fellow humans.

61% of furry parents would terminate a relationship if their pet was involved.

Apparently, when it comes to humans, kids come first but so do pets. They would have no issue kicking their boyfriend or girlfriend out the door if their dog was an issue.

Hum, three's a crowd!

25% of pet parents who were polled admitted to having brought their furry companions on a date. But hey, as long as they covered its eyes after the date went well, it's all good!

85% would swipe right if the photo of a romantic candidate would feature a dog.

Admit it! You'd drool a little if you saw "Mr Perfect" holding a precious, smiling dog. It's almost as if the dog in the picture is telling you that that's one pretty bitching human that deserves to be taken out on a date.

Special dates are not just for humans.

1/4 of dog dads and moms have confessed to throwing a dinner bash for their pet and themselves. In their eyes, that is not a pet, that's a mix between a loyal significant other, and their own kid. What's not to celebrate?

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