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25 Doofus Dogs Who Were Caught Pulling A Hilarious Derp Face.

A derp face is a facial expression you may catch on a person during an unattractive moment. The emotion the person is feeling can be anything from confused to angry to hungry to excited. An emotion is not what ignites the derp face, it's actually the handy cameraman who creates the derp by taking the right photo at the right time.

Just like humans, dogs also have derp moments. Once again, these derps exist because photos are taken of the dogs when they're caught off guard.

If you thought human derps were funny, you'll definitely get a hoot out of these dog ones.

#1. Have you met Cristiano Ronalderp?

He's kind of a big deal around the dog community.

#2. This one was super anxious to get that tennis ball.

As we can see clearly from his face.

#3. Sometimes being outdoors can cause a huge derp on your face.

Maybe it has to do with the wind.

#4. Looks like he's enjoying the grass a little too much.

But grass does have that effect.

#5. When the body language matches the face.

This silly dog always making the dopiest faces.

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