Homeless Dog Carries His Bowl Around For The Saddest Reason.

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Not a day goes by without seeing a stray dog on the streets. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®), shelters take in approximately 3.9 million dogs in the United States alone. These numbers do not take into account the animals who are never picked up.

We may feel that our responsibility only extends to offering food and water when we come across a homeless canine. Nonetheless, dogs are social animals who thrive when they have loving, positive relationships with humans. All it takes is one caring gesture and the pup will remember you its whole life.

The American Strays Project, consisted of filming stray dogs all over the United States. The crew's goal was to film the condition these animals lived in. Everything from their health, behaviour, loneliness, hunger, and everything they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S) launched an exciting project.

World Animal Awareness Society / YouTube

The American Strays Project hopes to "define the abundance and distribution of species, show trends in species population over time, and provide insight into relationships between animal populations and human activities within the region."

Some humans seem to lack empathy and sympathy towards animals.

Канопус Киля / Wikimedia

The animal lived in an abandoned property. It didn't seem very old. The homeless dog had a bowl in its mouth, they found out later it took the bowl everywhere it went.

During filming they came across a canine who caught the crew's attention.

World Animal Awareness Society / YouTube

The group had two theories; the canine lived there with its previous owner who passed away or it sought shelter from other animals in the abandoned property.

No one really knew why he was always at the property nor the reason for the bowl in its mouth.

World Animal Awareness Society / YouTube

Still, there are still millions of canine across the country who have yet to be taken in by a forever family.

Luckily, all the dogs involved in the filming were rescued.

Columbo222 / Wikimedia

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