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This Unusual Festival Celebrates Dogs, And The Photos Pretty Much Say It All.

This week, we shared a story about the annual Dog Meat Eating Festival in China. In a different part of the world, dogs were also at the forefront of a celebration - but this one didn't call for their untimely end.

In Nepal, the majority of the population are Hindu, which mean they celebrate Diwali. During this time, there is a specific party dedicated to Nepal's dogs. It's called Kukur Tihar, and it's basically supposed to be a day of appreciation for beloved dogs everywhere.

During the festival, dogs are given festive garlands and have their faces painted. Kukur Tihar has started a trend around the world, with many people uploading pictures of their own dog's in party-gear to social media. Check out the adorable images from this happy day below.

i really felt compelled to share this, especially given the yulin catastrophe. one of the most beautiful image compilation and explanation about kukurtihar and man's best friend. it really would be amazing if everyone in the world viewed doggies this way. #Repost @rottweilerthorbear ・・・ I know everyone has been greatly upset by what's happening in Yulin, but to bring some hope & pawsitivity back to the world, I wanted to share some info about the #kukurtihar It is part of a festival called Tihar in Nepal (~ Diwali/Deepawali) & is celebrated over 5 days around diwali. On the second day of Tihar, called Kukur Tihar, dogs are honoured & worshiped. It is believed dogs are messengers & guardians of Yamaraj, the lord of the dead, & that dogs guard the gates of the afterlife. On Kukur Tihar, people offer a garland of flowers called a malla (a mark of respect & dignity) & a red tika (gives the dog an air of sacredness & acts as a blessing to those who encounter the dog). After worshipping the dogs, they offer delicious food to them, both the strays & those at home. The festival acknowledges the cherished relationship between humans & dogs & the dog's many roles in people's lives as guardians, companions, & friends. 🐶🐾💖💗 It would be amazing if everyone in the world viewed dogs in this way & celebrated this festival💞 #honour #love #Tihar #festival #tika #KukurPuja #KhichaPuja #Nepal #Deepawali #dogs #puppy #lovedogs #dogsarefriends #stopyulin #stopyulin2015 #stopanimalcruelty #stopanimalabuse #endyulin #endanimalcruelty #endanimalabuse #notodogmeat

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One more just because they look so proud. 🐕 #kukurtihar

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The Right Festival - Celebrating Dogs Nepal #KukurTihar

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#KukurTihar #Nepal

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#kukur #tihar #hinduismo

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Another thing for my bucket list ; To go to Nepal during Tihar. #Tihar #kukurtihar #nepal

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#KukurTihar #Nepal Los que quieren bonito. 🏪

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Kukur Tihar, a special day for Hindu dogs in Nepal today

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#KukurTihar #Nepal

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#Tihar 🌼🌸🌺🐶💕✨

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Happy kukur tihar! #kukurtihar

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Source: The Dodo