By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Cut A Hole In The Wall… And Ended Up With A Home Every Dog Will Love.

When it comes to DIY and home renovations, there are a lot of areas that often go overlooked. Take, for instance, the space under the stairs. While it might not be large enough for human inhabitance or storage, it's could be the ideal hideout for a family pet -- and that's exactly what this dog owner decided to do.

The DIY below demonstrates how one thoughtful builder transformed the space under his stairs into a humble abode for his dog, Jack. It's amazing how simple this project is, and how great it looks when it's finished. Check out the steps below and start brainstorming how you can turn your unused space into a bona fide pooch palace.

This is Jack, the intended resident of the doghouse.

Jack enjoys his comfy bed, but according to his owners he also likes to sleep under things. That's why they decided to make him his very own house under the stairs.

The hole was cut under the staircase, as large as possible between the two studs.

When it's time to cut the door, it's important to remember that your pet has to fit standing up.

They used pine tongue-and-groove boards for the interior and exterior of the house.

Jack liked the house so much, he was in there through much of the construction process.

Clearly, they're getting the measurements just right.

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