By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Two Affectionate Dogs Hug It Out In This Viral Video… This WILL Make You ‘Aww.’

Valentine’s Day may have passed but love is still in the air for two border collies. Dewey and Blaze may be famous online for their awesome tricks and stunts in dog shows but it's their latest video showcasing their puppy love that is garnering them even more fans.

Dewey is an expert, competing in the obedience category. The seven-year-old is highly intelligent and knows more than 100 commands and behaviours. Although, three-year-old Blaze is the daredevil of the two, always ready to try something new.

The pair, who live in Texas, also devote a lot of their time with people. They teach kids about dog safety, care, and training. In this clip, Dewey and Blaze teach us something new: how canines, who happen to be best buds, hug it out.

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Source: Dewey & Blaze Border Collies