By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Lovable Lamb Had An Unusual Upbringing And Now She’s Confused.

One of life's simplest pleasures is animals who think they're other animals. Everyone loves a cute story about a piglet who acts like a dog or a cat that forms a friendship with a herd of cows. Admit it: even reading that sentence made you smile.

Perhaps the most adorable mistaken animal identity yet is this lamb who thinks she's a dog. Orphaned when she was just born, the lamb was brought up with a family of four collies. The oldest collie, Dice, assumed a maternal role, and the rest of the dogs just acted like she was a regular part of the gang. The lamb spends most of her time with the collies: she runs with them, plays, sleeps in the same bed, and follows the dogs wherever they go!

Watch this incredibly adorable video of this stout little lamb trying to keep up with her collie counterparts. The way she runs will have you squealing with delight. A cuter thing has literally never existed.

Source: Jemma Mackenzie