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Funny Fox Has The Best Laugh Of Any Fox You’ve Ever Heard Laughing.

It's already pretty impressive that Archer, a 4-year-old Artic fox, has found his way into a loving home of humans. After all, foxes aren't exactly your average candidate to become domesticated pets.

However, Archer's owners already say that he is an incredible addition to their household. "He's a very vocal, very loving, very happy fox," owner Kristina Shafer said. It sounds a lot like having a dog in the house -- except Archer does do one peculiar thing that we've never seen before: He laughs.

And this isn't one of those "kind of sounds like a laugh" things either: Archer's giggle could be mistaken for a human's.

Check out his infectious giggle below.

When my boyfriend laughs, Archer laughs #petfox #fox

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In addition to laughing like a person, Archer is also insanely adorable.


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Archer #cute #arctic #fox

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"He also does some happy 'screams' and he honestly sounds like a monkey sometimes," Shafer said. "He also does a howl whenever he's out in the yard and wants attention or wants to come inside."


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Pretty cute, isn't he?

Look at that fluffy butt #petfox

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Source: ABC News