Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

Sweet Dog Left At A Shelter For Almost 7 Years Finally Gets Adopted.

Could you imagine spending year after year knowing that no one wanted you? One sad, lonely pooch knew this all too well. Would anyone come to her rescue?

In Need Of Love

Anybody who has a dog knows that a dog's life is always too short. When a dog spends a majority of their life in a shelter, it's always heartbreaking for the volunteers that work there. The purpose of a shelter is to find a loving forever home for every homeless dog, but what do they do if that task seems impossible?

No Place To Go

Imagine how the volunteers at the Santa Barbara Humane Society in Santa Barbara, California felt when they couldn't seem to find a forever home for a beautiful American Staffordshire Terrier. What was going to happen to this amazing young pup? There had to be someone out there who wanted to love her, right?

Watching The Other Dogs Leave

Say hello to Dahlia! Dahlia was only six months old when she was a stray pup that found herself at the shelter. Considering how loving and playful she was, nobody expected her to be at the shelter for too long. Unfortunately, everyone would be proved wrong. Day after day, Dahlia sat at the shelter waiting to be adopted. Sadly, no one came for her.

Why Didn't Anyone Want Her?

Why wasn't anyone adopting this beautiful, sweet pup? What was the reason why Dahlia was stuck at the shelter for many years? Volunteers just didn't understand it. Dahlia was a favorite of all the volunteers. She went on trips to the beach. She played in playgroups. She lounged in the sun and played in the pool. But how could nobody see how amazing she was?

A Plea For Help

As Dahlia's stay at the shelter turned into almost 7 years - 2,531 days to be exact - the shelter posted on their Facebook page, sending out a plea for help. They shared Dahlia's sad story in hopes of someone wanting her. Animal lovers were touched by her story, and the shelter's post was shared roughly a thousand times! But would someone see her story and want to adopt her? That was the question.

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