By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Hilarious Website Can Help You Find Your Dog Doppelganger.

There's a rumor that floats around that has a very highly likelihood of being true: Somewhere in the world, there's a person who looks very much like you, a twin or doppelgänger that your best friends would mistake for you. It makes sense, if you think about it: There are only so many characteristics and physical variations to go around, and there are a hell of a lot of people in the world.

Sometimes, people are lucky enough to meet their doppelgänger -- by chance or by choice. But until now, you probably didn't know that you could ALSO potentially have a doggy twin. A doggelgänger, if you will.

There's a Twitter account that celebrates our doggy lookalikes and puts them side-by-side with our images. The account is called @YouAreDogNow, and even if they haven't found your canine twin yet, seeing everyone else's is definitely going to make you laugh. Check out some famous humans and their puppy-counterparts below.

#1. You might think he wouldn't be able to find a twin in costume. You'd be wrong.

#2. He knows when that hotline blings, it can only mean one thing. Kibble, of course.

#3. Sometimes, the doppelgänger is so accurate, you'd think it's a sign from god.

#4. They may have different faces, but they're definitely tongue-twins.

#5. Her mustache is more lush than his, but at least his is 100% real.

#6. These two both have an epic amount of flowing fur, and they both know it.

#7. As it turns out, you can even find a doggy-doppelgänger when you use a wild filter.

#8. There is simply no way to choose which one of these two has a better smile.

#9. Yes, their smiles are similar, but we're really enjoying the fact that these two are basically the same color.

#10. Both of them are unimpressed and their jaw muscles aren't afraid to show it.

#11. Sure, she might have beautiful hair -- but the mane on that dog is just downright impressive.

#12. Both are handsome boys, but only one question remains: Which one of these dudes give you serious #beardgoals.

#13. It's nice to know that not only humans have bad hair days.

#14. They are both serving that sultry stare because they know their brows are on fleek.

#15. We're thinking the guy on the left got the inspiration for his hair from the guy on the right.

#17. When you've got chompers that only a mother could love.

#18. Alright, we totally see the resemblance here -- but when is the one on the right going to drop that fire album.

#19. That feeling when you're just so excited your tongue just flops out.

#20. One is about saying f**k the police and fighting the power, and the other one is just trying to stay out of the pound.

Source: YouAreDogNow