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Man Reuniting With Lost Dog At Adoption Event Is The Happiest Thing Ever.

Dogs are like family. In fact, dogs can sometimes be your only family. So imagine what It would be like to lose your best friend during the holidays? It happened to one man and his family from Jacksonville, Florida during Thanksgiving, and it left everyone heartbroken. The unnamed man desperately searched high and low for his beloved pooch with no luck. But he swore to himself that he would never live in peace until he found his beloved pet named Daisy. Now rarely do these tear-jerking stories of separation have a happy ending, but fortunately, this one did when he was reunited with his dog in the most ironic place ever.

The man's dog, Daisy had vanished around Thanksgiving.

Ironically, Daisy was found around the same time by rescuers and then taken to an animal shelter. Jennie Clutterbuck, a kennel worker where Daisy was being held felt her heart break. She claimed that seeing Daisy, whom they had named Sophia, looking so sad in her kennel was too much to bare.

It became clear to Clutterbuck that Daisy was terrified at the shelter.

But when she looked over at Daisy during the Mega Pet Adoption event, the pooch was jumping all over. So what could have possibly excited Daisy so much? It was her human dad! Clutterbuck explained on Facebook that Daisy recognized her owner immediately, which is why she started jumping all over.

So how did the man know where to look for his missing dog?

It turns out that a babysitter who works for the family saw Daisy's photo on the animal care and protective services website and notified them.

So the man rushed right over to the Mega Pet Adoption event once he had learned that this is where she was.

The event is aimed at finding a permanent home and family for over a thousand pets, which includes puppies, grown dogs, kittens, and grown cats as well. The man ended up calling a number of shelters and rescue homes in the area before he found the right one who told him where Daisy was.

So what caused Daisy to go missing in the first place?

The owner admitted that his son had accidentally left the gate open, and Daisy slipped out. As soon as the family realized that Daisy was missing, they searched and searched for weeks on end. But they couldn't find her until now. Fortunately, Daisy is back with her family and they can celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year together.

If you're a sucker for happy endings and family reunions, then watch this heart-warming video below, and grab a box of tissues. You'll need it afterwards.

Source: Brittney Donovan