By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

A Dog Kept Showing Up At Her Door. The Reason Why Is Absolutely Hilarious.

A woman became friends with a neighborhood dog. Everyday, at the same time, the canine came to her front door and after a few snuggles made his way into her house.

The pup found a spot and napped there for about an hour. Afterwards, it would leave happily.

The woman enjoyed her bud’s company but did not understand why he kept coming over with the same routine.

The dog looked healthy, clean, and well-fed. Finally, she decided to attach a note to his collar admitting his daily routine in her house.

"Hi, I am not sure if you aware but your dog comes to my house for snuggles and a nap everyday for about an hour. I just want to make sure you are okay with this."

The next day, the doggy came back with a note and it read: “Thanks for giving our family dog a place to hang out and sleep. He lives in a house with three kids all under the age of five. He is catching up on much needed sleep and quiet. I would love to join him next time.”

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