Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Dogs In Pajamas Prove There IS Such A Thing As TOO Cute.

Many human pet owners love to dress up their pets but do the pets love it? It's hard to say. Some obviously hate wearing clothes as you'll see them try to wiggle their way out of the clothes immediately after they've been put on. Others just lounge around in them.

However, regardless of whether or not they enjoy it, every single one of them look absolutely adorable in clothes. But what's better than dressing them up to go out -- dressing them for a cozy night in. That's right, pajamas!

Onesies, matching sets, or even just a plain old blanket -- pets can wear them all and they definitely look cuter than any human in pajamas.

#1. What's cooking good looking?

#2. Polka dot matching.

#3. Team cozy.

#4. Keep your eyes where I can see them!

#5. Pajamas can be costumes too.

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