By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The World’s 12 Best Dog Parks Will Make Your Pup Go Wild.

#5. Hawthorne Canal Reserve, New South Wales, Australia

This off-leash park has a special feature: Café Bones. This is a café that sells drinks and snacks for owners, and treats for your dog too.

#6. Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia

Here, dogs and their humans can find a beautiful lake and a number of picturesque walking and biking trails.

#7. PawsWay, Toronto, Canada

Said to be one of the best parks in Canada, PawsWay spans many miles of dog-friendly land. It also features an indoor eatery -- where pets are allowed, of course.

PawsWay, Toronto, Canada


#8. Otto Park, St. Peters, South Australia

Otto Park is an off-leash dog park, and it's open 24-7 so you can bring your dog to run free whenever you want.

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