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Winning Images From ‘Dog Photographer Of The Year’ 2017.

Each and every year the oldest recognized canine institution in the worlds hold a photography contest. Named “The Kennel Club”, they accept photo submissions from all over the world from people and their favorite four legged friends.

The Dog Photographer of the Year competition has been going on for twelve years now and this year it brought in almost 10,000 submissions from around the globe.

There are ten categories that entrants can submit their photos to and when you see the winners in a few minutes you are going to see some really great photography, not to mention some pretty cool dogs as well!

Overall Winner And Man’s Best Friend Winner - Maria Davison Ramos

“For me, capturing real and candid moments is what photography is all about. This is one of those moments. My friend had just adopted Yzma and while we were chatting in the kitchen I was taking some photographs. The location and the light were far from perfect, but I ended taking one of the photos I’m most proud of.”

Dog Portrait 1st Place - Anastasia Vetkovskaya.

“This magnificent Afghan was incredibly nice to shoot – he is very expressive and emotional.”

Dog Portrait 2nd Place - David Yanez.

“This image was taken of ‘Ray’ after a long woodland walk. It struck me whilst sitting opposite him how majestic and regal Ray looked whilst taking up most of the sofa! Many people are drawn to him whilst out and about and frequently refer to him as a ‘tiger’ due to his beautiful brindle markings. ‘Sleeping Tiger’ seems an apt title for my image.”

Dog Portrait 3rd Place - Noel Bennett

“Bella is always ready to pose for me, so when I saw the fallen leaves at the top of the garden, I knew it was an opportunity too good to miss.”

Dogs At Play Category 1st Place - Kaylee Greer

“Petey and I stood there together on the water’s edge in awe as the day bowed out to the night and the sun slipped its yellow head behind the horizon. Pastel colours painted themselves across the Summer sky above our shoulders in stripes of pink and cobalt blue as we quietly revelled in that perfect, endless moment. Then, just as suddenly as the sky had lit itself on fire, Petey clumsily jumped into the water with a joyful little sparkle in his eye, beckoning me to come along. I followed him in and giggled until my sides hurt as he would push his paw down into the warm, salty water, sending little crystal droplets flying through the air all around him. With each happy splash came the realization of the perfection in those tiny moments, and of the unmatched purity of the canine heart.”

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