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Winning Images From ‘Dog Photographer Of The Year’ 2017.

Puppies Category 1st Place - Mirjam Schreurs.

“I am from the Netherlands and live in a small village. I have photographed for 4 years now and since the end of last year I took the step of photographing only dogs and children. Dogs are loyal friends and I love them a lot, that’s why I focus on dog photography. The picture of Tyson was a wow moment for me and during this shoot I knew that I would like to continue photographing dogs. This picture was made at the end of the shoot, the dog sat down and had a wonderful concentration to his owner this was a wonderful moment.”

Dogs At Play Category 2nd Place - Rodrigo Capuski

“This photo was taken a week before the camomile harvest, on a weekend we decided to look for new locations to photograph. The chamomile field is 50 km from Curitiba, in a rural location with several varieties of plantations. It was a day when Leica had a lot of fun and went back home yellow and smelling like chamomile.”

Dogs At Play Category 3rd Place - Will Holdcroft

“This photo was taken during a private commission for a client. I always ask people to bring their dog’s favorite toy with them during the photoshoot, so Purdey decided that she would like to bring her toy bunny to play with. I particularly like this photograph because she has a lovely nature, which I think really comes across as well as how happy she is to be playing with her favorite toy.”

Puppies Category 2nd Place - Tracy Kirby

“I am a photographer originally from England but live in Co Galway, Ireland and volunteer for Madra, a dog rescue charity I take photographs of the dogs to help find them forever homes. I suffer with a chronic illness so when I am able to go to the kennels it is therapy for me as the dog’s courage and resilience inspires me. Faye was a cheeky, tiny boxer cross puppy with a huge personality who was looking for her forever home. I’m pretty sure Faye was a world class super model in a former life. She knew instinctively how to sit and pose for the camera and demanded her fee (chicken) after every few clicks of the camera.”

Puppies Category 3rd Place - Ruud Lauritsen

“I was asked to photograph the three month German Shepherd, Aiko, at the beach in Holland. Aiko had the time of his life. He was running and playing and tried to meet as many other dogs as possible. And after a half of a hour Aiko was sitting down and then is was able to shoot this picture.”

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