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Winning Images From ‘Dog Photographer Of The Year’ 2017.

Dogs At Work 1st Place - Sarah Caldecott

“The photograph of Rita was taken during a training day in February this year on the moors in County Durham the weather hadn’t been kind and the light was fading fast.”

Dogs At Work 2nd Place - Lucy Charman

“This particular photo was taken after a long, very wet and stormy November Day last season where the dogs and picking up team were pleased to get back into the pickup for some respite from the weather after a wet but enjoyable day.”

Dogs At Work 3rd Place - Peter Steffensen

“This photo is of Marley, a dog who had a second chance at life, when a vet refused to put this healthy dog to sleep, and instead found a loving forever home for him with. He now enjoys oodles of time in the fields, doing what he loves most; herding!"

Oldies Category 1st Place - John Liot

“This image was taken as part of a commissioned shoot with three rescue dogs. It was a beautiful and bright November day and the Sun was creating an intense light through the windows, warming the client’s house. Kelly, an apprehensive 12 year-old collie-cross, found her spot in the God rays heating up the arm of a sofa and had a nap. She was a cautious girl with a sad backstory and had challenging behavioural issues prior to being adopted. Happily though, she has found rejuvenated life with her new family in Jersey who are giving her all the love and attention she sorely missed in her younger years.”

Oldies Category 2nd Place - Igor Abramovich

“I was visiting my grandmother in Ukraine who has an old dog and two cats. Rex was a stray puppy that my grandmother took home years ago. During my stay there I have took a bunch of photos of all the animals and one of the best photos was this one. This photo was taken on a very hot day (31 degrees celsius) in Ukraine. The dog spent most of the day motionless in his doghouse trying to hide in the shadows from the burning sun.”

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