By Amanda

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11 Unintentionally Funny Photos Of Dogs At The Spa… I’m In Love With #7.

Admit it: There is probably a pretty big different between your look after a shower and your look after you dry off and primp. We all look a little bit unlike ourselves when wet, and that applies to our pets as well.

That's why Australian pet photographer Serenah Hodson has created Dry Dog Wet Dog, a photo series that poses dry dogs next to their wet selves. The effect of the photos side-by-side is pretty entertaining, and that's exactly why Hodson wanted to document it. She explained her inspiration on her website:

Dry Dog Wet dog came about with washing my own dogs. Their personalities change when they know it’s bath time. So I decided to create a series of the different looks and not only personalities but the difference in look from groomed to wet. We get such great texture on the dog when the hair is wet. Some dogs look completely different when wet and this was the joy I wanted to capture.

Check out the hilarious photos below - the poodle before and after actually reminds me of myself when I get ready.

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Source: laughingsquid