By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Bizarre Products You Can Buy For Your Dog… #5 Is Actually A Great Idea.

If you've ever looked at your dog and thought to yourself "My dog deserves a treat beyond his wildest dreams," then this is the list for you.

Below are 20 oddities that you can actually purchase for your pooch, and none of them are your average, run-of-the-mill dental bone. These are products that can totally upgrade your dog's life for the better, making him or her the coolest, most tricked out canine in town. Granted, some of them seem to be more for the human's enjoyment. But then again, who can say no to a ball that gives your dog a mustache?

#1. A werewolf muzzle with a complete set of terrifyingly bloody teeth.

#2. A ball that gives your dog a funny set of chompers.

#3. The Turd Burglar, which is a fun way to whack your dog's poop out of your yard and into your neighbor's.

#4. A tube that washes your dog's paws.

#5. A pet shower curtain, for those who are very concerned about the mess.

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