By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Bought 100 Dogs At China’s Dog-Meat Festival, But It’s Not What You Think.

Ever year, the southern Chinese city of Yulin has a festival to celebrate an ancient tradition that is historically important for some, and incredibly controversial for others. It's the annual dog meat festival, and while the idea might be hard for some to handle, it's part of China's rich cultural history. However, some Chinese people don't share that view, and one of them is Yang Xiaoyun.

Yang, 65, traveled over 1,500 miles from her home in Tiajin to purchase 100 dogs from the festival, for which she paid about $1000. This act was nothing new for Yang: She has been rescuing animals from untimely fates since 1995, when she pulled an abandoned kitten from a river. Her work continues to this day.

Here, Yang is seen obtaining the 100 animals that she rescued from the dog meat festival.

Here, Yang is seen obtaining the 100 animals that she rescued from the dog meat festival.

These are animals that would have otherwise been slaughtered and eaten.

So, what does Yang do with the animals she rescues?

Well, she founded a dog and cat sanctuary known as the "Common Home For All."

Over the years, Yang has taken hundreds of animals under her care.

Today, her shelter houses almost 1500 dogs and 200 cats. Yang calls them her "children."

She prepares meals for them and makes sure they are well attended to.

Activists like Yang continue to bring attention to the practice of eating dog meat in China.

Though eating dog meat does have a historical precedent in the country, festivals like the one in Yulin only date back to 2009 and could easily be eliminated.

About 10,00 dogs are killed each year for the Yulin festival, but now, 100 of them are safe with Yang.

Her tireless efforts don't go unnoticed, with activist and animals alike.

She even tries to give them treats every weekend.

It will take some time, but attitudes about consuming dog and cat meat in China are changing, and Yang is definitely a part of that change.

If you would like to help, please sign this petition to stop the cruelty.

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