By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Bulldog Pulls A HILARIOUS Move While Playing In The Snow.

Although it may only be January, some of us are growing tired of winter. Getting bundled up from head to toes to face the harsh cold loses its appeal quickly. The countdown to spring has already begun. A French Bulldog, however, still finds the joys that come from a fresh and crispy snowfall.

YouTube user Neil Brown uploaded a video of the small canine going full sprint before sliding into the snow. The pup does not need a sled or special equipment but instead uses his whole body as a little torpedo.

This clip may not help make warmer weather come sooner, but it will certainly help with the winter blues. It may even tempt you to try this yourself. I’ll just make sure I have all my full gear on before attempting the stunt.

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Source: Neil Brown