By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Hilarious DIY Story About A Dog And Some Stairs Will Have You Rolling. LOL!

There are a number of outcomes that can come from a DIY project. You can complete the project successfully and enjoy it without much thought. You can struggle through the project and then learn it was totally worth it all along. You can finish the project easily, only to learn that you never really needed this DIY, anyways.

Or, you can complete your DIY project, and your dog can make you wish you hadn't.

Below is a story about one dog owner's love, patience, and ingenuity - and one dog's commitment to making him realize it was futile. The idea itself is pretty clever, but just know this: Dog's aren't always going to be as grateful as you want them to be.

This little gal can't go down the stairs, because they are too slippery. According to her owner, her nails cause her to slide as she walks.

Their other dog usually harasses her as he goes down the stairs, completely ruining whatever confidence she has. We'll admit it: This dog looks like it's plotting something evil.

The stairs are made of hardwood and laminate. This thoughtful dog owner needed a solution to make his dog's descent easier.

The first part of the solution came in the form of sponge neoprene. The neoprene goes between the carpeting and the wood floor, so the floor doesn't get damaged.

It's also an incredibly easy material to work with.

He used this carpet to line the stairs.

He cut the carpet into squares, planning to attach them to the neoprene with spray glue.

Here's a shot of him gluing the three pieces together.

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