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This Abandoned Dog’s DRASTIC Transformation Will Make You Believe In Miracles.

It is never too late to make a change. At the eastern end of the Himalayas between India and China, you will find the landlocked kingdom of Bhutan where traditional Buddhism rules. In mid-September, a dog was found roaming this mountainous region alone. Half his hair was missing due to mange, a skin disease caused by mites.

Tim Gorski, a filmmaker and animal rights activist, contacted a local rescue group called The Maya Foundation (TMF). They took action by bringing the dog to Paro, Bhutan, where they set him on a road to recovery. He was named Tim after his rescuer.

The team at TMF has done some other amazing things including providing a mule with a temporary PVC prosthetic following amputation surgery and preparing animals for adoption.

See Tim's incredible transformation here:

Filmmaker and animal rights activist Tim Gorski found a dog roaming the mountainous region of Bhutan alone. The dog was in poor condition, with much of his fur missing from a severe case of mange.

Here is sweet Tim the dog from Taktsang, and the moment he met his soon-to-be rescuer. As many people take this holy...

Posted by The Maya Foundation - Barnyard Bhutan on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gorski contacted local rescue group The Maya Foundation, and they responded by taking the poor animal to their facilities in Paro.

Tim from Taktsang has finally arrived!Thanks Tim Gorski & Marianne Guillet of Bhutan Animal Rescue and Care for...

Posted by The Maya Foundation - Barnyard Bhutan on Thursday, September 17, 2015

To begin treatment, they shaved off the remainder of his fur and clothed him with a small red shirt for comfort. After a few weeks, improvements were visible in his skin and fur.

Tim Gorski... he is looking soooo much better, and is such a cool, playful guy!

Posted by The Maya Foundation - Barnyard Bhutan on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The dog was named Tim after his rescuer. After about three months of love and care, he was able to grow a beautiful fur coat once again!

Gorski wrote on a Facebook post:

"I urge everyone to not simply walk by when you see an animal suffering. Take the time. Connect with the animal. Make the call if need be. But do something. Don't just walk by feeling sorry or helpless because you are not."

Learn more about The Maya Foundation here.

Source: The Dodo