By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

When Their Dog Picked Up A Brush This Was The LAST Thing They Expected.

Dagger did not cut it as an assistance dog but is making it up as an accomplished artist. During his training the canine developed dexterity skills but after three months he was dropped out of the program due to his “insecurity.”

Living with his human Yvonne, the black Labrador enjoyed watching her work in her art studio. “One day, I said, 'Hey, Dagger, do you want to paint?' Well, his tail started to wag like crazy and he got so excited,” explains Yvonne. Dagger II aka DogVinci paints abstract art and loves to choose his own paint colors.

Dagger likes to wear a beret when he's working on his art in New York.

Dagger's painting are being sold with the proceeds going to Canine Companions for Independence. The non-profit organization trains assistance dogs.

Yvonne changed the command "push" to "paint."

Source: Dagger