By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

When You See What This Dog Can Do You’ll Be Blown Away… And You’ll Wish You Could Do It Too.

When dancer Sandra Roth got her dog, Lizzy, she had something special in mind. In this video, Sandra and Lizzie perform together - you might find yourself having a hard time deciding who's the better dancer!

The level of synchronicity in timing from both of them is really impressive! Apparently, dog-dancing has become a relatively popular sport in Germany, and has been called the "fastest-growing dog sport" in the country. Dog-dancing not only shows the skills of the dogs and dancers, but also highlights the bond that they share.

Roth has been a dancer for over 20 years, but when she heard about dog-dancing, she was thrilled to incorporate Lizzy into her routines.

Lizzy has been learning tricks and freestyle moves since she was a puppy. But we've had many problems and she was not an easy dog, so our main focus for the first 3 years was on her social behavior and not on dog sports. [She] gets more and more confident and our relationship has improved a lot. She is also starting to enjoy the attention by the audience.

To see more amazing dog-dancing videos, visit Sandra Roth's YouTube channel.

Source: Sandra Roth