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By Krista Miranda

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Stray Dog Found In The Himalayan Mountains Transformed By Stranger's Compassion.

The cliffsides of the Himalayan mountains are an adrenaline junkie’s dream. Only the most experienced of hikers would dare to venture up the treacherous slopes. Tim Gorski, a filmmaker and animal activist, was adventuring up to the Taksand Palphug Monastery (AKA The Tiger’s Nest) when something caught him by surprise!

Tim had crossed paths with a stray dog. The poor dog was surely a sight to see. It was knocking on death’s door due to a horrible case of mange. Seeing the condition of the dog truly got to Tim, so he knew what he had to do. He had been traveling for days to reach the monastery, but he didn’t hesitate to put his mission on hold in order to help this dog in need.

Someone apparently had left the dog to fend for himself. Half of his hair was missing due to a skin disease, called mange, which is caused by parasitic mites. Thanks to Tim reaching out to a local animal rescue group, the poor pup would soon be out of hands of death.

A local tour company gathered up the pup and brought him to the Maya Foundation’s Barnyard Bhutan Animal Rescue & Sanctuary (TMF). When he arrived, the dog received “the barnyard spa” treatment. This five-star care included a fresh haircut, a bath, and even a pedicure.

In order to treat the mange, The Maya Foundation had to shave off most of the fur that was left. He also got a new red shirt! Not only does the shirt provide a little bit of warmth, but it was also used to comfort the pup. When dogs are in unfamiliar situations covering their chest can give them a sense of calm.

The Maya Foundation

The dog was only under the care of TMF for less than two weeks when his skin began to drastically improve. The dog was named after his rescuer Tim, and is now the image of picture perfect health. The group posted a picture of his incredible improvement after only two weeks of care.

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