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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

27 Funny Photos Of Dogs Having Their Best Summer Ever.

Summer is usually a hit or miss season. Some people hate it for the heat and constant mosquito bites. Others love it for the sunlight and excuses to swim in the pool or at the beach. Same goes for dogs. Some hate it and slug around the house all day looking for the coldest floor to lay on while others enjoy the hell out of it.

Just like humans, they go to the beach, hang out by the pool, and even party! They take advantage of the sunny weather. If you're not a summer person, you might change your mind after seeing these adorable dogs having the summer of their lives.

#1. "Just taking a swim in the pond while my human paddle boards."

I don't know how to work those things, so I prefer to swim.

#2. Write down notes, this is what fabulous looks like.

Sunglasses and palm trees, he's doing it right.

Write down notes, this is what fabulous looks like.

#3. Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

Like this dog's big happy face we can't get enough of.

#4. Golden rule: safety first!

But if the humans aren't careful, this little pup will float away.

#5. Living life on the adventurous side.

A little fresh air never hurt anyone. It's great, actually!

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