Neighbors Agree To Put Door In Fence So Their Dog "Soulmates" Can Be Together Anytime.

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Dogs are probably the only creatures on the planet that will care for their owners more than they do for themselves. Their love is unconditional and all they ask is that you give them some affection, some water and some food. Since pets are basically a part of the family, you would probably do anything to make them happy, especially after he or she has found true love. Well for Hailee Graham and her husband, it became necessary to install a door in their fence in order for their dog Potate, or Tate as they like to call her, to be reunited with her soulmate.

Sadly, Tate didn't always have such a great life and a great family. You see, a while back, Tate was a stray trying to make it day by day, and hoping that someday, she'd find some happiness. Well it turns out that her wish came true.

This is Tate and her owner, Hailee Graham, and they're both grateful to have each other in their lives.

Hailee Graham

Their next-door neighbor had brought a dog home at the same time that the Grahams had taken Tate in. The dog's name is Vernon and he was the same age as Tate. But there was one issue, there was a tall fence keeping the two pooches apart.

Tate found her human family, the Grahams first. Then she found true love with her soulmate.

Hailee Graham

The two eventually hit it off and they tried any way possible to try to reach out to the other, even if that included digging a hole under the fence. Graham had caught the two dogs digging a hole at the same time and she couldn't get them to stop doing it.

The fence made it impossible for the two dogs to see each other, but they sensed their presence.

Hailee Graham

If the two neighbors even tried attempting to stop them again, the dogs would ignore them and continue digging and digging. So Graham came up with the perfect solution that came in the form of a doggy door in their fence.

It became painfully obvious that there was no way that they would be able to keep them apart.

Hailee Graham

She assumed that this would allow Tate and Vernon to hang out and have a lot of fun without the fence getting in the way. But the doggy door sounded like a better solution. That way, the two pooches could walk into each other's yard and play whenever they wanted.

Graham had originally considered setting up daily playdates for Tate and Vernon so they could interact.

Hailee Graham

Now that the tall fence was no longer in the way, Vernon and Tate could finally spend some quality time together, day or night. Nothing would keep them apart now that they had the convenience of this doggy door.

It only took one weekend for Graham's husband to install the doggy door and it worked perfectly.

Hailee Graham

She's an optimistic though, and believes that she and her husband have made a doggy love match. But she admits that the doggy door may not necessarily work for everyone.

Graham isn't entirely sure if Vernon and Tate are actually romantically in love with each other.

Hailee Graham

Having that doggy door gives Tate and Vernon access to two backyards and endless hours of fun. But she also feels that the union between the two pooches has brought her and her neighbors closer together.

She can only hope that pet owners will be open to the same idea to make their dogs happier.

Hailee Graham

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