Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

26 Diligent Dogs Who Are Taking Over The Workforce.

You've heard of some dogs resembling their humans. But did you ever imagine that they could one day take over the workforce? You probably hoped that it would never happen because finding a decent job isn't easy. But we can still bask at how silly man's best friend would look if they dressed up as cops, or a doctor... or would that be a dogtor? Well, unfortunately for all of you looking for work or a better job, you'll have to get in line because these four-legged creatures are making careers for themselves doing what many of us probably wouldn't dare do. So here are some top jobs that dogs are best at.

If someone ever tried to set your workplace or home on fire, you'd want this dog on the job.

This is Buddy and he sniffs out chemicals in fires that are suspicious to help put arsonists in prison.

Going to the dentist can be such a pain... literally! But not when Babar is on the job.

Babar acts as a therapy dog, which is so soothing and makes a root canal easier to handle.

This snow dog doesn't mind sitting on a machine called Arctic Cat cause he's on a mission.

He's there to guarantee that people are able to enjoy all sorts of winter activities in Tignes, France.

K-9s like Anna, Sheba, Tabby, and Sasha can do a lot more than just serve and protect.

These LCC comfort dogs from South Florida provide love, hope, comfort and lots of smiles too.

8 months earlier, this pooch was scrawny, homeless, and feeling totally heartbroken.

Now the stray, who once hovered on a farmer's porch, is working for Pet Partners as a therapy dog.

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