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This Cute Dog Named Chubbs Has Been Waiting To Be Adopted For 3 Years!

To most animals, a shelter feels like a prison. And like most inmates, they look forward to the day when they’ll be free to do whatever they want. But for some animals, the odds of finding a forever home aren’t always in their favor. Who knew finding love was so tough? Well, it is, especially when you’re a pooch. Just ask Chubbs. He’s been waiting for a family at an animal shelter for over three years. But he hasn’t given up hope that the right family will walk through the door and adopt him. Your heart will melt once you read his story.

All this adorable pup wants is a forever home.

But after spending more than 3 years in an animal shelter, he is starting to lose hope. It all started in March 2016. Chubbs was only a year old when he was taken in by Austin Pets Alive! in Texas.

All this adorable pup wants is a forever home.

Rona Distenfeld

Sadly, the doggo with the infectious grin has been stuck at the shelter longer than anyone had hoped.

One of Chubbs' trainers, Rona Distenfeld, can't believe that no one has opened their heart (and home) to the friendly pup. “Chubbs has been at Austin Pets Alive! longer than any other dog,” she said. Other dogs are getting adopted left and right. But where is his forever home?

You would think that Chubbs would've accepted his faith after 3 years.

Other dogs would've fallen into a deep depression after being stuck in a kennel for so long. Sure, he is well fed and the staff members make sure he feels loved, but the lovely pup remains hopeful. He wants a family to curl up with at night.

“He’s not accepting that fate. He wants to go home,” Distenfeld says.

The happy-go-lucky dog is full of life, and his positivity and playful spirit is contagious. Surely, someone will eventually run into him and fall in love. But staff members at Austin Pets Alive can't help but worry about Chubbs. “I dream about this every night,” said canine coach at Austin Pets Alive!, Vicki Evans. “It keeps me up. I cry about it.”

The incredible team at Austin Pets Alive! keeps Chubbs as active as possible, and they make sure he stays busy with his training program.

Luckily, Chubbs doesn't have to sit down and frown all day inside a boring old kennel thanks to Austin Pet's Alive's dog behavior program. The co-manager of the program, Carrie Defeo, has nothing but admiration for the pup. She can't help but gush over how well he's doing. “He’s a smart dog,” said Defeo.

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