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This Cute Dog Named Chubbs Has Been Waiting To Be Adopted For 3 Years!

“He likes to work his brain. He likes food. He likes to strut and show his skills off,” she went on.

Chubbs is not your average dog, that's for sure. He's been making the best of his time in the shelter thanks to their impressive training programs. He's able to walk on a leash, calmly sit down when he runs into other dogs, and he has already mastered some basic commands. According to Chubbs' trainers, he's even doing agility training, (and rocking it!)

Defeo can't believe that such a loving, smart, and well-behaved dog is still stuck at the shelter after all these years.

“Honestly, ‘Why he’s still here?’ is a big question,” she pondered. “We’re not really sure why. He does need a little bit of a specific home. He’s one of the dogs that seems to fall through the cracks.”

While Chubbs is seriously friendly and loves nothing more than hanging around other people, he prefers to hang out with adults.

According to his trainers, he'd flourish in a quiet and peaceful home with a steady routine, and without a lot of people coming and going. “He just wants to be with his people, and be with the people he loves,” Defeo explained.

His trainers believe that Chubbs would thrive around other pets, and if his future home's got a backyard, well that would be the cherry on top.

And Chubbs is well trained. He's learned a lot throughout the years, so he'd also do really well inside an apartment. Everyone is absolutely in love with this hopeful pup who's still looking for his human parents. “Once you’re his friend, you’re his best friend,” Defeo explained.

“He loves hanging out and learning new things. It’s a mutual affection to work with him and you build a bond that way.”

So if you know of anyone who'd like to meet Chubbs, head on down to Austin Pets Alive! and schedule a visit. His trainers would love for adopters to live within a 40-mile radio of the shelter so they can meet his future family and make sure he's well taken care of. “We want to continue to work with the adopter to let him learn to live outside the shelter successfully.”

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Chubbs, please visit Austin Pets Alive! or call 512-961-6519.

Source: The Dodo

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