By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Dog Sees Dolphins For The First Time, His Next Move Will Melt Your Heart.

Joe Noonan, aka Joebaby, is known as the Dolphin whisperer. The nature guide divides his time swimming in both the Pacific and Atlantic ocean with wild dolphins. On one excursion, a dog named Sandy decided to join Joebaby on his boat. The dog was a stray, rescued by the guide's friends in Bimini, Bahamas.

Sandy had been on the boat with her human friend once the previous week and fell in love with the open water instantly. This time though, Sandy was about to fall in love with the sea even more as they came close to a pod of dolphins.

When Joebaby jumped in the water, the canine followed him. She probably wanted to introduce herself to her new friends. This video will make you wish you were swimming with Sandy, especially at 2:00. The pup may be wanting to take the Dolphin whisperer title for herself. By her ease around the animals she may be closer to it than we realize.

Every morning this dog swims with his dolphin friend.

Source: Joebaby Noonan