By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Off-Grid Home Looks Like A UFO, But Watch What Happens When They Push THE Button.

Everyone can appreciate a home that has lots of natural light, but what if your home got sunlight from every possible angle? That's exactly the case for this amazing dome house, and it is truly spectacular.

Located 80 miles outside of New York City, this rounded house sits in the middle of a 28-acre forest and looks like a UFO. The home is prefabricated by a French company called DomeSpace, which shipped the unique dwelling to the site and set it up. Now, the owners use it as their main vacation home. Check out the photos below to see the inside of this amazing home - it will totally blow your mind.

The most impressive aspect of this home isn't the floor to ceiling windows, or the fact that everything inside is made from this gorgeous wood.

No, it's the fact that the home also rotates. Yes, rotates. That way, all parts of the home can get natural sunlight.

The home is constructed from all organic materials, included cedar, bamboo, and limestone.

And the entire place spins at the push of a button.

The home is two levels without a lot of interior walls, and the open floor plan makes it feel incredibly spacious.

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