By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Homeless Piano Prodigy Got A Makeover, But That’s Just The Beginning Of The Good News.

To say that one moment can change your life almost sounds too cinematic to be true. However, in the case of Donald Gould, that's exactly what happened. It's one of those stories that will simultaneously break your heart and fill it with hope. Check out Donald Gould's story below.

After thousands of people saw Gould's immeasurable skill, the community joined together to help him get some new clothes, a new haircut, and a new gig. Best of all? Gould was actually able to contact his long-lost son, and the two were reunited. Feel free to grab a tissue for those watery eyes now.

Gould was homeless, living on the streets of Sarasota, Florida. One day last week, he sat down at a piano and begin to play a flawless rendition of the Styx classic, "Come Sail Away." Because of his haggard appearance, most passersby were surprised; One person even recorded it, and the video quickly went viral. Here's the post in case you missed it.

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Source: Inside Edition