By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Jolly Donkey Was Saved From Drowning, And He Can’t Stop Smiling About It.

This donkey has a huge grin on his face, and for good reason: He was saved from some very dangerous floodwaters in Kerry, Ireland.

Animal Heave Animal Rescue posted this story on Facebook recently, outlining the intense rescue of the stranded animal, who they have now started calling Mike. According to the founder of AHAR, the donkey's owner called the organization after he realized that Mike had escaped after a storm had damaged his stable.

"His owner had found him that morning out in the field, and because the river had burst it's banks the donkey was stranded," the rescuers said in a statement.

The floodwaters were high, and the river levels were getting higher by the second. Fortunately, they were able to tow Mike to safety by putting a life preserver around his neck, and Mike sure does seem happy about it.

Mike was shaken, and he had some fluid in his lungs, but he was otherwise okay-- He even managed to muster a hilarious grin.

Now, Mike is cozy and dry at the rescue organization's stables.

"He is now dried with towels, eating a hot mash, all cozy and warm and our vet has seen him and started him on antibiotics to prevent pneumonia," the rescue org posted on Facebook.

All Mike needs now is time to rest, heal, and plenty of love and affection.

And from the looks of it, that's exactly what he's getting.

Source: USA Today