By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Ice-Cream Stuffed Doughnut Cones Are The Food Porn You’ve Been Waiting For.

Individually, donuts and ice cream are two of the best desserts (or occasional meal replacements) that we can think of. Together, they're basically unstoppable.

The Good Food Coffee and Bakery in Prague has figured that out, and are now getting international attention for their cinnamon deep-fried donuts filled with ice cream, whipped, cream, Nutella, and berries.

The dish is called trdelníks, and it just might be your sweet tooth's dream come true. See the delectable photos of this ridiculously amazing treat below.

We thought it was impossible to improve upon doughnuts — but we were very, very wrong.

Here is the place where dreams come true in Prague, Czech Republic.

The entire thing starts with a donut cone, serving as the perfect vessel for any number of amazing fillings.

Trdelníks are actually a traditional Czech dessert.

Still, they're new to us, and they're basically the most amazing-looking snack ever.

And if we can't eat them until they make their way to the states, why not look at mouthwatering Instagram photos of them?

Come see us soon, trdelníks.

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