By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

The World’s Smallest Doughnuts Are The Answer To All Your Dieting Needs.

It’s no secret that donuts are delicious treats, the fact they are fried and covered in either sugar, chocolate or sprinkles, makes it even more of a guilty pleasure. Although, not the healthiest dessert, there are ways we can compromise our love for donuts by simply eating smaller portions.

Korean YouTuber Mimine Mini has posted a tutorial on making donuts in miniature proportions. To prepare the itty bitty pastry, Mini uses everything tiny; utensils, stove, plate, and even small Krispy Kreme dessert box for her six donuts. And just like it was bought in a store this mini chef prepares three assortment of flavours.

It may seem these donuts are too adorable to eat, but they look delicious. We can’t really guarantee you will be completely full and satisfied, even if you eat all six.

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