By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This 101 Year-Old Woman Is Confusing The Internet By Behaving Like She’s 25.

We've all heard the adage before: Age ain't nothing but a number. And in the case of Doris Long, that couldn't be more true. Long is doing something that most people wouldn't dream of doing, no matter what their age - and she's doing it at 101 years old.

Doris has broken the world record for oldest abseiler by descending 94 meters down a tower, despite the fact that there was wind and rain. It's a remarkable accomplishment for anyone - but especially for someone who has lived longer than a century.

Abseiling is better known as rappelling: Descending down a vertical drop with ropes.

Doris Long completed her 16th successful abseil on Britain's tallest building outside of London.

Despite the fact that abseiling is physically challenging - not to mention terrifying - this centenarian does it with grace and aplomb.

Watch her break her own record below.

Doris has done 16 successful jumps in her abseiling career, and she's already looking forward to the next one, which she plans to tackle after she turns 102.

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