By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

His Portraits Are Brilliant, But The Way He Creates Them Is Simply Stunning.

One of life's greatest fascinations and joys is watching an artist work. Each of them have their own technique and process, and to watch their thoughts and feelings be produced into something tangible is a special kind of magic.

Watching artist Miguel Endara is something else entirely. By the end of this video, you'll be massaging your writing hand out of sympathy - you'll also be completely floored.

The image Endara used is of his father. What started as a scan of a silly photograph turned into some of Endara's best work. Using the photo as a reference, Endara then sketches a replica in pencil. Then, using ink, he stipples a series of tiny dots onto the paper. Eventually the dots come together to form a hyper-realistic drawing of his subject.

For this drawing, entitled "Hero," Endara committed over 3.2 million dots of black ink to his paper. Looking at his website, it's easy to see that all of Endara's work is painstaking: most of the finished products ringing in at somewhere between 2-3 million dots!

His work is incredibly impressive, and not just because of the time and patience it takes to create it. Check out more of Endara's brilliant work here.

Source: Miguel Endara