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Dad’s Emotional Video About Down Syndrome Is Going Viral… I’m In Tears.

When Robb Scott overheard a father and son having a conversation about Down Syndrome, he knew that what the father was telling his son was inaccurate. As the parent to a child with Down Syndrome, Scott wanted to explain -- but instead, he found himself frozen in the moment.

After leaving, he decided to make this video, saying all of the things he wished he'd say to the father and son he'd overheard. In it, he defends Down Syndrome, explains what it is, and gives us all some much needed perspective on how to describe and think about disability.

"The video was really more for me because I felt like 'OK, I dealt with this poorly and the only way I could feel better is to at least express positively what I feel,'" Scott said in an interview after the video went viral. "[I thought] maybe a couple of people will see it and share it and it will help them think differently."

Posting this one pic of my sons so people can see who the video was about. For those new to my page who've been a little...

Posted by Robb Scott on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Source: Robb Scott