By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Looks Like Footprints In The Snow, But When You Zoom Out… WOAH.

For the better part of a decade, Simon Beck has been venturing to the highest peaks of the alps with a special goal in mind -- and it has nothing to do with hiking or climbing. Instead, Beck uses the freshly fallen snow to create amazing art, and all with his own two feet.

Beck conjures these snow images by snowshoeing in a precise, mathematical way, with each image taking him up to 11 hours to complete. He does about 30 of these each winter, and the finished products are absolutely breathtaking. See his amazing work below.

Each of the drawings covers a massive area, requiring Beck to travel 25 miles in any direction to mark out the pattern.

Once a freelance mapmaker, Beck now does this full time, and has inspired a clothing line and published a book around his work.

In total, he's completed about 175 drawings over the last 10 years.

"Part of the rationale of making snow drawing my winter exercise was because my feet were a bit buggered and I couldn’t do the running I would have done. It was a lower injury prone activity," he said in an interview.

Whatever his initial reasons, we're glad that Beck kept at it: This wintry art is unlike any we've ever seen.

See more of Beck's creations here.

Source: Facebook