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As It Turns Out, Most People Are Simply Incapable Of Drawing A Bike.

For the last six years, Gianluca Gimini has had an interesting project in the works. After a conversation in an Italian bar, Gimini recalled a memory from his childhood, wherein a classmate was asked to draw a simple bicycle and failed. With this in mind, Gimini spent over half a decade asking more than 500 people to draw a bike from memory.

Turns out, it's harder than it looks.

That worked for Gimini though, because the weirder people's interpretations were, the more he wanted them. In fact, he took some of the most impractical designs and turned them into digital renderings.

“People draw some really crazy stuff when they are trying to be totally non-creative and just follow a task,” he said in an interview. See people's strangest brain-to-bicycle creations below.

Seems legit, right?

But when digitally rendered, you realize there's something a little this bicycle.

In fact, many people drew odd bikes when asked to do so from memory.

This one gets a particularly interesting digital treatment.

And this one already looks impossible to ride.

Try it out: Can you draw a bike from memory?

Source: mrcassette